Spontaneous Saturday

Yesterday, Zack and I had plans to go to the zoo with my sister but decided the night before that we had a lot to get done and it was Zack’s last day off for the week, so we cancelled.


Around 11 o’clock we had cleaned the car and straighten some things up, it was a beautiful day, and was not meant for any living creature to remain indoors. So we began our adventure!
First stop- Lion’s Choice. They have the healthiest and cheapest kids meals around!
Afterwards, we made a stop at the Delmar Loop. My favorite stop there was at City Sprouts. One of my favorite places to shop. Penelope enjoyed a tea party with Daddy while I browsed, and played with the wooden play-kitchen.


My favorite part of the day was still to come! We took a two minute drive over to Forest Park for a family bike ride.
Zack’s brother gave us their “baby bike cart?”, which we will be using a lot! Yesterday was our first time using it- we’re hooked!
As you can see, Penelope is fond of it too. She laughed at every bump. We made some stops along the way to take some photos, imagine that.
There were red tulips all over the park-these were taken at The Jewel Box, where a wedding had just ended. Beautiful!
Picnik collage
Our last stop at the park was at the fountain across from the boat house (you know, the one that is full of people swimming on hot days…). For example-yesterday there was a 12 year old boy in “whitey-tighties” roaming the waters. It was only 75o
Anyway… Penelope took some easing into the cool waters. Once adjusted she couldn’t get enough of splashing her cute baby feet in the water. She fussed when we had to leave, but was peachy-keen once placed back in the “baby bike cart.”

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday!
Off to church!

* * *

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