Friday Round-up

The past few days have been pretty long ones for me. Zack has worked the last two nights and worked at his uncle’s doing some landscaping for a few hours each of those days. We tried to squeeze every ounce of time we had together, which was about three hours a day.

Yesterday we took a walk by St. Charles Riverfront. Penelope was sure to let us know about each bird (“Bur!”) she saw and each puppy that strolled by got an enthusiastic squeal and a point of her itty-bitty finger!
We stopped by a covered stage, to let Penelope run around for a bit while some rain decided to pass by.

Today our time together was spent at a produce stand and a late lunch at Culvers.


Penelope brought along her shopping cart, and could not have been happier to enjoy the freedom of the open isles.

She helped us out by pointing out things we just had to get- tomatoes, plums, and oranges. Girl knows what she likes! If they had had blueberries, she would’ve wanted them all!

We might be going to the circus tomorrow with my sister and her kids, and eating shrimp with fried rice and pineapple on the side for supper!
Happy Weekend!
The week in photos: : :


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