Its April! I would shout for joy that it is Spring, but it has been spring since January here! I took Penelope’s Easter pictures the other day, just incase I am far too busy to think about it on Easter day.
This week I will be packing and double—make that triple checking to make sure we have everything. I’m not too far off when I say everything, looking at my list, I am packing just about everything we own-at least for Penelope—including three different types of diapers! Regular for the nighttime- pull-ups for the daytime- and “little swimmers” for the beach! 
Yesterday Penelope and I had pajama day, and she eventually gave up even wearing pants. We have been stuck inside the past few days-Zack has been using the van, and it has been either too hot or raining, so we’ve got  nudge of cabin fever, but we are making the most of it.
Next week we will be on our road trip to the southeast. We leave this Friday!
Well I better get back to packing…