18 Month Update

Penelope turned 18 months on Easter Sunday. I thought I’d give an update and let you know what she has been up to lately!
First of all, most of you know Penelope has been potty trained since she was 9 months old, well, she has been in pull-ups for a month now, and she is now to the point of letting me know she has to go with every little “number 1”! Which has been great for us and usually means only wet diapers first thing in the morning, although even some of those are dry.
Food training…well that seems to be heading backwards now that she wants to feel the texture of her food. She is good at using utensils, its just a matter of making sure she doesn’t get distracted and begin dunking her hands and/or napkin in her cereal milk, or squeeze grapefruit wedges between her fingers.
She is very into movies. Her and I have movie time once a day, after her nap, complete with popcorn, and she will watch the whole thing- and she chooses what we watch. We cuddle and snuggle and share snacks. She also enjoys Sesame Street, mostly Elmo, Dora-which I can only take so much of, and My Little Pony,
Dancing is a big part of our days as of late. Penelope LOVES. TO. DANCE! She breaks out her moves even to little songs playing in the backgrounds of commercials.
My girl has hit that independence streak, that may become more than a streak, but I’m hoping it’s a streak. Being selfish I guess. Her independence ranges right down to wanting to clip her own toe nails. Along with independence, comes her desire to help everyone with everything. Brushing Mama’s hair, grabbing our shoes and bringing them to us when we’re going somewhere, stretching to put dishes in the sink, putting trash (and other things) in the trash can, etc.
Words: : :
Da (Dad)
Ma (Mama)
Mmm-ma (Grandma)
Dog/Puh (Puppy)
Gah (gross)
Cah’r (Car)
Bur (bird)
Buh (please)
Ta. (Thank you)
Dah (down & done)
Mmm-‘tongue click’ (milk)
hah’r (hair)
Weee ( says while being tossed in the air by Daddy)
Baby ( She says this one pretty much right on the nose)
Bok (block)
Booh (book)
Foaw (flower)
> > > She is saying so many words, most of which only Mama can understand, but she sure is trying! I’m sure there are more but these are the ones she says most often.


* * *