A Family Friday

Zack had to work this Saturday, so we decided to have a family day last Friday to have some fun before his work week started.
That morning we headed out to the mall by our house for some window shopping and lunch. After which we decided it would be best to go home and change, as we were far too over dressed for what had now become a very hot day.
Next it was off to the St. Louis Arch to take some family pictures and walk around for a bit. At the Arch the weather was much nicer, with a cool breeze constantly blowing.
photo (1)

Turned out to be mostly Zack taking pictures of the rest of us as oppose to “family photos”- we’ll have to get him in there next time…


Penelope insisted on holding Reese’s leash and he made sure to drag her around… and around…she loved it!

Itty Bitty very exaggerated baby bump
I plucked a flower for Penelope, which she eventually tore to shreds, but not without getting pollen all over her nose first.

After the Arch we went to Chesterfield ate supper and did some much needed diaper shopping. Fuuun stufff!
Happy Sunday!