This weekend is our big 5 year anniversary!
: : :We have done quite a bit in our 5 years of married life: : :

r We started out with a honeymoon to Meramec State Park here in Missouri
r A week camping out at Cornerstone Music festival in Illinois
6689_518821601966_177502097_30886568_6961008_nDSCF3225 (1)
r A second honeymoon road trip style to the Southeast States
173_505445986806_2476_n (1)
r I fractured my pelvic bone
photo (7)541224_592456152736_177502097_31720609_1547495637_n (1)photo (4)
r 3 trips to St. Simmons Island, Georgia
r 6 different homes
r 3 trips to Denver CO
372_510180129546_177502097_30706753_7576_n (1)DSCF3383 (1)6689_519146006856_5800336_n (1)IMG_2559 (1)
r Made it through five years of college
homecomingP7240024 (1)
r Frequent trips to the Zoo
IMG_3273 (1)DSCF0020Picture 389 (1)
r [Many many] Trips to St. Louis
IMG_3714photo (2)
r Several outings to Springfield, MO
IMG_0368 (1)
r Counseled at a camp for a week one summer with our church youth group
photo (3)
r We became the proud parents of a Poodle named Reese
r I spent 3 months on bed rest while pregnant with Miss Penelope
r We became Mama and Papa during our third year of marriage
528392_586961693676_2132188805_nphoto (8)
r We’ve owned 4 vehicles; one stolen, one sold (had the whole 5 years), one broke down, and a van.
r Been camping twice; once at Cornerstone Music Festival (a week long), once for our second anniversary (one night)
photo (5)
r   Been to Cheyenne Wyoming twice
r   Hiked to the tops of [at least] 6 mountains
282740_555979457326_177502097_31536813_3005559_n (1)photo (6)
r Found one, count ‘em, -one- horse one the side of the road
horse jadehorse talk
r Had many long scenic drives (one of which is where we came across the horse)
_MG_2207_MG_2210 (1)_MG_3387DSC03022_MG_3317
r Gone to Meramec Caverns once
r And we have made made many wonderful friends along the way!

: : : For our anniversary this year we went to The Cheesecake Factory and to see a movie and had a full day of shopping for our new home, since it was supposed to be too cold to go kayaking. : : :
photo 1photo 2
Last night at The Cheesecake Factory – excuse the deer in the head lights expression on my face, extremely bright flash…

Tomorrow we will be spending our actual anniversary with Penelope, doing things she’d enjoy, like swimming…
Happy Weekend!

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