The Sway of a Sunday

Penelope woke up at a crisp 7 A.M., leaving us with four hours to get ready for church. I gave her a nap in that time, then we headed off to church two minutes from our house, arriving too early, giving us time to catch up with our friend Mark that Zack grew up with ( a second Dad of sorts). The service was amazing, as usual in my opinion, as was the music. [I will be posting the sermon later in the week.]
IMG_3894 IMG_3895
After church P-Mae and I went out to lunch with my sister, her boys and my mom. Penelope and Leo find each other hilarious, and squealed the entire time making faces across the table at one another.
photo (1)
Once home, and after realizing Penelope was not interested in taking a nap, we watched 13 going on 30 with Grandma Shooie, and ate apple slices. 
photo (2) IMG_3870
I decided to take Penelope outside to sit under the tree in the front yard despite the heat to pass some time before my next attempt at a nap – which was also a failure – the time outside was relaxing, full of giggles, breezes, baby doll kisses, flower picking, and puppy chasing.
photo (3)photo (7)
We will have to do this more often.
The rest of the afternoon was spent watering plants, coloring, listening to conversations between Penelope and her baby dolls, filling out my planner with new found events, watching Shrek, eating supper, and giving Penelope good night kisses – lots of them!
photo (8)photo (10)
I hope everyone else’s Sunday was just as relaxing, and that all who could enjoyed some sunshine.
Now I’m off to watch Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition!
Happy Sunday!

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