Surprise from the Sky

This afternoon, after a blistering hot sunshine filled morning, it began to thunder, hail, rain, and blow winds fiercely for 45 minutes.
Penelope and I watched from the patio/ playroom, rocking gently in the rocking chair, Penelope clinging to me like a little monkey not quite understanding what was happening. When she got more comfortable and it was still raining, we pulled out the flashcards and practiced new words.
photo (1)
Earlier today, however, we did get to enjoy some outside time. Penelope played in a big bowl of bubbles, dancing and squealing in the driveway, excited for the freedom to make a mess! We also colored Winnie the Pooh pages, watched Mary Poppins –which she chose off the shelf – complete with popcorn. We played with jumbo Lego blocks, baby dolls, swept the kitchen, had a dance party, and took a nap. Oh, and ate lunch with Daddy on his break!
Lets hope tomorrow is as eventful, relaxing, and full of just as many smiles!


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