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Last Sunday Penelope and I went with my family to visit my younger brother, Ben, who was doing some volunteer work in Illinois with my cousin Murray. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to see him, even though we just saw him two months ago. We knew he was really just excited to see his niece and nephews, but he was awesome getting to see him!

Around the house this week we have been packing, and trying to fill ours days creatively. Penelope’s favorite pass time has become coloring. She is getting really good at it, holding the crayons and markers correctly, and even focusing on things like spots on a snake, so she is beginning to realize there is more to it that scribbling. We are also learning the names of colors, objects (car, flower, apple, book, bubbles, chair, ball, airplane.), animals (cat “meow”, dog, puppy, bear, bird, monkey, lizard), and people (Papa, DeeDee, Reese, Daddy, Mommy (not her favorite word, I’m sad to say), Grandpa, Grandma, Joe, Leo…and so on. She is getting really good and speaking, and she has the sweetest voice!
Reese on the other hand has been extremely bored. I can tell he just wants to RUN! It has either been too hot or raining. Regardless, I know I need to make his fun time a priority, I can sit in the shade after all…
Zack and I have begun a garden that we will take with us when we move, complete with watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers. Penelope and I make a daily trip to water them. She loves doing this and runs to find her watering can that Grandma Shooie got her. She loves to be a helper (and independent).
Penelope has also become interested in books, an even let me read through a short one last night!
I have dreaded packing with this move, but luckily we have a month to spread out the process, so it’s not too much pressure to get everything done right away. I t is hard to pack with Penelope around, because she like to help, which means random things in boxes and things I just put in boxes taken out. She is too cute though, so I can’t be mad. I usually end up sitting back watching her and cheering her on when something wrong is dumped into a box. She feels so proud, that makes me happy.
This is Zack’s last day of work for the next three days, and we will be celebrating Father’s Day on Saturday- a post to follow- the other days I’m sure will be spent packing and finishing projects, and letting Penelope run around in the sprinkler!


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