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These are just a few that might pertain to our newest, small, apartment – to see what we’d like for our future home that we hope to one day live in, check out photos here.


A shelf like this would be nice to store baking supplies, fruit, extra towels, cookbooks, and plants, to save on cabinet space. We also plan on using our white board for meal planning, I might make the frame a bit nicer and brighter though.

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I’ve always loved the look of flowers, and how they can instantly brighten a room. I plan on taking Penelope out for walks to find some!

I love everything about this kitchen! Once I get a second look to remember the actually size of the kitchen, if its possible, I wouldn’t mind the extra cooking space something like this island creates. Plus, love the the plants on the windowsills, and cookbooks. For the record, I like everything in this photo, those are just things I might be able to use in our next place.


Pretty drawer liners are never a bad thing, especially since our apartment is an old one.

If our cabinet doors are terrible, it might be nice to open up the cabinet space – which would also force us to keep them organized… not sure this one will happen, but it sure looks good in this photo!


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