Father’s Day

We are celebrating Father’s Day a day early since Zack works 12 hours tomorrow. We started the day with a donut cake, lots of fruit, gifts, and Dean Martin on Pandora. His gift was a handmade card from Penelope and I and a framed photo (featured below) of Penelope and I that my Dad took for the occasion, which we framed for his desk at his new job as a teacher!!
_MG_4449  _MG_4454_MG_4456
Afterwards we took a stroll around Target, picked up Penelope some big girl underwear (!!) and looked for sunglasses for Zack and Miss P.Mae, with no luck whatsoever.  We headed out for an early picnic lunch at the park- It. Is. Hot. Outside. Ugh, but Penelope was cute.
When I get done with this post, Zack and I are going to the Loop to do some window shopping and see a movie he has been dying to see at The Tivoli Theater!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there- although I can’t imagine any fathers reading this post, I’m just putting it out there…


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