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At our next apartment, Zack and I will be sharing a room with our newest baby, who should be arriving this autumn. Once our new place is properly set up I will be doing a tour of our home, but here are some ideas of things we like: : :

I have always liked sleeping low to the floor, so a frame this low sounds appealing to me. Not sure how I would feel getting out of bed after recovering from surgery, but aside from that, this sounds great. Oddly enough, if my bed isn’t low to the ground I enjoy having to do a little leap into my bed. Too high or too low…we all have quirks I guess. Bonus Zack would enjoy building this, the man NEEDS a project. I would leave it or stain it, I just like the level of it- and that there are no clothes on the floor : )
A chair version of a loveseat! Yes please! Great for cuddling or sprawling out!
I noticed everything I have posted is of an “off-white” hue, so here are some more examples of this type of chair that I like with some color to them: : : (also on my Pinterest pageONE  TWO
Growing up my parents had a full length mirror,(nothing fancy- but you could see more than your face!) which my sister and I always wanted, at least for one of the many rooms we had throughout our childhood. My brothers always seemed to get it in their rooms, so I think I might be over compensating with this one, but I would enjoy a HUGE mirror like this in our room. See my whole body at one time and what not-although once I do I might have Zack throw it right out the window- just kidding. You could fit the whole family in this thing!
I have always loved handmade blankets. I now have two my Vovo made (Thanks Vovo!), that just happen to be made up of beautiful colors- I’m sure you’ll see them in our home tour post in a couple of months. We have one from each of Zack’s great-grandma’s – one of them featured here, and another my Aunt Ann made me as a graduation gift (it’s my favorite color green!). Its my hope that we will continue to use these in daily life in each of the homes we will have as our family grows.
I’m getting really excited to set up our new home! A week and a half left!!

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