Hot Summer Days, What’s to Come

Here in St. Louis it has been around 100 degrees the past week-not very enjoyable weather, but we have been trying to make the most of it. Penelope’s new favorite past time is coloring/drawing. Our inside time has been spent doing just that, playing with baby dolls, playing fetch with Reese, reading lots of books, and watching the occasional movie.
If we do make it outside, we make a mad-dash for the plants at the back of the house with our watering cans to give them a nice drink. Sprinkler time is always fun- Reese enjoys it just as much as Penelope 🙂 We have been known to do some sidewalk drawing with chalk,  and lay under the tree in the shade to count airplanes and birds (there are a lot!)
This week is going to be a crazy one for us : : :
Today my brother, Joe, is going with me to pick up a new dresser for Penelope and our new dining room table (Yay!), while my mom watches Penelope.
Wednesday, my dad and I are picking up a Uhaul truck and loading it up [Not me Vovo, I’ll just yell directions at the men 🙂 ]  with our furniture.
Thursday, I am picking my mom up at 7:30, followed by Joe at 8:00, and heading out of St. Peters by 9:00! My mom is going to help me unpack/ set up/ watch Penelope while I’m getting an ultrasound—OH! We also get an ultrasound of our newest baby!! Then back to more unloading and packing. Zack’s bestie/ actual better half, Dylan, is traveling up from Springfield to help with the move (Thanks Dylan!!). Although, like everyone else, he is probably really going just so he can see Penelope…
Friday and Saturday, we may or may not be traveling in a leisurely manner back to St. James to get officially settled and enjoy our new town. So exciting!

Happy Week Everyone!


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