Preparing for August

This past week has been a full one for us. Not to say we haven’t had “down-time,” we certainly have.  I guess I mean to say it has been a big week for us.  For starters, it was our first full week with just our family in our new home. Everyone has been adjusting well, and Penelope is loving the easy access to a swings and the walks we take each day. There is street after street lined with large trees here, and sidewalks, so even on hot days walks are pleasant.
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Zack’s week has certainly been…different. Monday was the first day we were able to work on his classrooms. We began with his high school room, and well…the previous teacher left everything behind, including photos, student artwork, etc. She said she did not want any of it and that we could get rid of whatever we wanted to. Needless to say, setting up his room did not just entail “setting up his room,” but also “tearing apart” the room before it could be “his.” It took two and a half days of going through everything and organizing it (working until the wee hours of the morning took it’s toll) until he could finally begin to set it up to his preference. It is still not complete, but it is looking nice!
His elementary room was not as bad but is now pretty vacant. My mom is coming down Sunday evening until Tuesday morning to watch Penelope, so Zack and I have time to plow through the rest of it together. Penelope has heled in the process of his room but gets fussy after hearing, “No, don’t touch that!” so many times. ( Exacto knives-basically a razor blade on a wand, permanent markers, etc, are not things she needs to around…)
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Yesterday Zack met his students for the first time at Freshmen orientation. The students spent 10 minutes at each of there classes, and Zack felt really good about it by the end of it. He says they all seemed really easy to get along with. I can tell he feels much more at ease about his first day of class next Thursday.
Today is his first day of teacher workshops for the “newbies.” I hope he meets even more teachers he likes. SO far so good in that department.
At home things are finally in there place, although there is still a box of “where in the world do I put this?” stuff that will probably reside in that box until January…
Penelope and I literally scrubbed the house yesterday. I believe there is a photo of the day to prove it.
This weekend we will be heading up to St. Peter’s for Paulina’s birthday party, one of Penelope’s friends. Also, to give Penelope some much needed PawPaw, DeeDee, and Grandma Shooie time!
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Hope everyone else is having a great week, I’m be back this weekend with another post. Happy Thursday!


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