Mr. Rogers

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Oh, what to say about this week…it was a long one. A big one, in a lot of ways.
For Zack it was his first experience as a teacher. Not necessarily teaching, but learning the new mind set of what it will be like. To have a career, to teach and have the responsibility to mold minds and influence others, who are at such a crucial age, in a positive way.
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A big week for him in the sense that he now has two classrooms devoted to his gift. For him to realize and soak in, this is mine, what will I choose to do with it?– on a larger scale and in a decorative sense.
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Speaking of decorating. Penelope and I have the duty of decorating his bulletin boards surrounding “Drawing,” his first topic for each of his classes. Our other duty is to bring COLOR to the windowless white walls in each room. I’m excited!
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In regards to my “big” week, I have noticed so many changes in Penelope, just in this week and a half. I assume it is the soon-to-be-two girl coming of age early. Yes, this includes tantrums. Not used to those. Not sure I want those to stick around. Her interests and curiosities are changing. She has new favorite movies, clothes, toys, foods, drinks, activities- all of which she did/had before this week, but did not have the same desire she does now for them.
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She has become independent and is not afraid to voice her opinion- usually in using the word “No.” Although, I can’t say I am frustrated with this particular obstacle, because she says it calmly and gently (and to the tune of my Aunt Mary’s southern drawl-which I love), no yelling, kicking or screaming involved.
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I have realized in watching her as she plays by herself in her room, unaware I am focused in on every sweet move she makes, that she is a big girl. No longer a baby. By the time baby number two arrives, she will embody a truly big sister. Not just an older sister as I was to mine. She will be able to teach her as she grows. Play with her. Encourage her as she is learning new things. And my sweet, beautiful, delightful little [BIG] girl will be eager to do so, with each milestone of her sister’s life.
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She is a helper, a “doer,” a people pleaser, a happy girl, an artist, a dancer, a tidy little lady- my little lady.
I guess that has been the biggest and heaviest part of my week. Penelope. Pretty little Penelope.


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