First Days of School

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Zack’s first day teaching was yesterday! As to be expected his first class was quiet- probably nervous, letting it all settle in- his next class wouldn’t stop talking- I’m assuming they were comparing schedules and summers. Next he went on to Kindergarten…ants in their pants, of course. After lunch he had first and second grade and they seemed to know what they were doing, just anxious to get home, like everyone else…
I am loving his new schedule! Way better than that of MEMC!! I felt like he was home with us the majority of the day. He made it home just after 3:30, and we were eating supper by 4:10- (we had planned on a 6:00 supper.) – and by 4:40, we couldn’t think of what to do with the rest of our day.
I don’t think we expected to have so much family/free time. We took a walk, and returned some movies. We were going to go to YoKiDoki, the local frozen yogurt place, but decided to sit outside at Sonic to enjoy the breeze (and some Raspberry Coke, peach tea, and a grape slush) instead. Afterwards, we headed home for family movie night- Cars 2, can you guess who picked the movie?
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The past two days for Penelope and I have been so so very relaxing. Early morning walks, weather that feels like Autumn, re-planting and watering plants, placing stickers on the walls (my personal favorite), feeding “our” birds, countless rides on the porch swing, loads and loads of dishes, and playing with bubbles on the porch (a bowl of soapy water)- in her underwear no-less. We’re a classy bunch over here.
Penelope also made sure to tell every- and I mean every student walking home yesterday, “BYE!!!!” from our porch swing yesterday. She calls the high school “Daddy,” and says “Bye Daddy” every time we walk by it in the morning.
Today, all three of us are heading up to McDonalds to use the internet (hopefully we’ll get some at home soon). Zack will be looking up those internet options today, and I will be posting this blog and a photo-of-the-day. I’m sure there will also be a walk in our evening plans, I do love those walks!
We were invited to a church in Rolla this Sunday by one of Zack’s fellow teachers. I’m not sure what it will be like, but hopefully it won’t be hard for us to find a good church. There are, after all, only a bazillion in the tiny town of St. James.

P.S.- Isn’t she cute!
: : : A special thank you to my cousin Anoria, who sent Miss Penelope a bath-time baby doll. She is the cleanest most loved baby doll on the planet! She had two baths yesterday (on in that bowl of soapy water I mentioned earlier!), although she does get plenty of “real world” time!
: : :  And to Vovo, who sent her a box of Fall clothes! She picks them out each morning, but for now they are for dress-up, not long until she can wear them!

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