Yesterday my mom called, saying Audrey (my sister) and her boys would like to come down before Josh gets back to the States Sunday. Heck yeah! I love company. So, this morning my parents, Audrey and her two boys loaded up the car with snacks, and pool “equipment,” towels, etc…and drove 2 hours to our new place!!
In the five years we lived in Bolivar Audrey never once came to see us (yeah, obviously not harboring hard feelings about that…).  Which I guess is why I was overly excited about this visit. Grilling, swimming (Grandpa and Zack were a HIT with the kids at the waterpark), loads of snacks, a tour of Rolla (and a roughly 30 second apartment tour), chalk drawing on the porch and one excited poodle later and I am one exhausted pregnant lady. Well worth it.
How exhausted you ask? We had Ramen for supper. Yep. Okay, well I did make homemade biscuits, that’s something right?

* * Good News! * *  We are having internet hooked up Tuesday!
Happy Saturday.

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