Dance Baby Dance!


Penelope loves the movie Rio. Love may not be a strong enough word… She knows when the dance scenes are coming up, the “scary” parts, the funny parts, and the parts with “babies” although I have yet to find what babies she is referring to. By far her favorite movie. It has beat Cars for the top spot. Birds might have to be her birthday theme. “Birds” is what she calls the movie, by the way.
Today has been amazing. We tried a new church (which we like!) this morning, followed by lunch at Wendy’s and a diaper/ toilet paper run to Walmart. A nap for the ladies to follow while Zack headed to the High school to work on his lesson plans (so official now). Once awake, Penelope watched “BIRDS!” while I cleaned then she helped me cook supper and bake cookies for Daddy. We listened to Sinatra with the cool breeze flowing in through the kitchen window. Magical. Made me yearn for Autumn even more.
Zack, Penelope, Reese and I got back not too long ago from a walk through the beautiful streets of St. James. I really enjoy our daily family walks.
One more day of travel for the daily photo, then I can do this stuff from home! One happy lady!
Happy Sunday/ Monday!

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