Sister Love

In attempts to make the transition of a new little lady entering our family a smooth one, we have begun certain steps in preparing Penelope. Hopefully she will not be overwhelmed when the time comes to bring her baby sister home.
For starters we began trying to get her to say “sister’s” name. She almost has it [fully] correct, and we still have 3 months to practice!
The next step was to get her to understand that there was a baby in Mommy’s belly- (never mind that I was somewhat discouraged that she thinks I am naturally the large… at least she loves me anyway).
She now rubs my belly and says “Baby,” then rests her head on it and says “Oooh,” which is her hug noise. I don’t think jealousy will be an issue I have to worry about. My girl has a heart overflowing with love.
IMG_6627  IMG_6633IMG_6631
Yesterday she painted a picture for Baby’s room –which is our room- and it has been placed above her bassinet.
She was ecstatic! Giddy running from the kitchen to the front door, having proudly chosen each color carefully. She wore my old shirt that reached her ankles. So cute. She would say each color she chose as she chose it, though not always correct I still found it great that she was trying.
As she painted I asked,
“Is this for you sister?” [followed by a head nod yes].
“Can you say [insert Baby’s name]?” [followed by a good attempt].
“Is this going in your sister’s room?” [followed by a head nod yes and attempt at saying “sister”].
Proud Mama.
IMG_6639  IMG_6642
She proudly displayed her painting for me, but got distracted by a plane flying over our house.
She repeatedly took me back to our room to show me the painting she had done for her soon-to-be best friend. It’s my favorite work of art. Made with the purest love. My sweet little babies, boding already.


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