Decorating and a Kick of Love

Yesterday we tried something new: : : We went to the park. Parks are not particularly new for us, but we haven’t been to the St. James park yet. It still has see-saws! Penelope has upgraded, thanks Zack, to a “big girl” swing, you know the type where the only security is Mommy’s slower-by-the-day reflexes. She hasn’t fallen yet so I don’t know what I am so worried about.
We brought along her wagon, filled with her baby doll and jacket. We set off on a mission to find natural fall decorations, but also enjoyed swinging, a long walk, and squirrel watching.
We gathered “those pointy things” and some green nuts a squirrel was angrily tossing out of a tree (below) for our kitchen table center piece, and some pinecones for Penelope to paint, which will later be made into a wreath for our front door! (above)
My creativity for decorating sans money is dwindling, but I am hoping music, foods, and other’s decorating ideas (via Pinterest and blogs) will spark some inspiration. I do love to decorate- I’m going full force with the Autumn and the upcoming holidays!
.Part 2: : : 
Zack took some photos of his girls after supper last night. Penelope seems to love the fact that there is a baby in my belly (whether she understands what that means or not is beside the point…)  As soon as she gave her sister the first kiss, baby started kicking! It seems like every time Penelope intentionally touches my belly the baby starts squirming. A bond is forming – at least until the teenage years!
I am so proud to have such a wonderful girl (make that two!).


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