Tuesday I decided to take the girls out to get a break from house work, and let them get some sunshine and fresh paint-fume free air. We went out for breakfast at 7 o’clock (It felt more along the lines of 3 AM to this tired Mama!).


Saucy face 🙂


One by one throughout the hour we spent eating our tiny breakfast, ten grandpa’s came up to say “Hello” to the girls, and then one my one made their way over to enjoy breakfast together, as I assume they do every morning.


Have to get that water……stretch…


Afterwards, we went to four, count ‘em four!, places to find some measly lemon grass. We, of course found them at a place two minutes from our house. It was a great day to explore, and I now know of three new nurseries! GO PLANTS!




Since we now have a yard (Hooray!!) and Penelope was so polite as I dragged her tiny hiney across town, we stopped by the store to let her pick out a new outdoor toy. As you can see she chose a golf club set. She is crazy about Uncle “Gweg”, and will now be prepared to play with him next time she sees him!

It took me two days to write this post! 🙂 We are busy. We are exhausted. We are grateful to finally have a babysitter (Grandma Shari) and help (My brother, Joe and Megahn, and our friends Terra and Josh) this upcoming weekend! Hard to do so much with littles running around. Poor girls. It has been hard on them. I am sure a fun filled, action-packed, no nap weekend at Grandma’s won’t recharge their batteries, but hopefully we can get a lot done and they can rest all next week.

Also- Our new home has a peach tree, grapevines, and a raspberry bush!! This place just keeps getting better!!

Dear Mae

Ah, Miss Mae,
You have been such a help to Mama and Daddy this week! You sand better than a Craftsman and avoid trays of paint like naptime at Grandma’s! A remodeling Mama’s dream!
Since buying our home, you have learned to hold your tiny hiney on the potty independently. My well rested arms thank you kindly.
You are eager to refresh Amelia’s Puff supply and round up a crinkle toy or two when Mama and Daddy are busy fixin’ up the house.
Thanks for being awesome!

It’s Here!


We are now homeowners! The day is finally here! We spent the evening at the new house cleaning and moving stuff over from the apartment. We won’t move our beds over until next week. We’re going to paint inside this weekend before we let the baby sleep there.


Yesterday morning Terra left a house warming gift outside our door! The key has the girls initials engraved on it!!


Plenty of empty crawling space for A right now, plants on a pollen free porch…


…ipad baby sitters, a zillion rocks to count, and hot pink flowers…


…flip-flops almost on correctly, a two year old who loves to help, a yard full of great flowers (even if some are just weeds)…


…patient babies, tall gorgeous trees…


…and little girls exploring new rooms.

Pretty great start to our time in this house!

I will be posting before and after photos as we work on the house. So keep an eye out if you’re interested in that stuff!

Snapshots: : 16


Busy, busy, busy…busy. The good busy, not the stressful busy. Summer!

Here are some peaks of how we have welcomed this new season.


We went to the local outdoor pool for the first time this year. It was f r e e z i n g!!!! Worth it! We were four of the ten people crazy enough to show up on such a cool day. Penelope shivered the entire time, but insisted she was not ready to leave. Her Mama’s daughter. Made to live in water.

I should also note, we’ve been for a second time, yesterday, when it was 96 degrees, and we all came home with decent tans. 🙂


I had a thought one day…”Maybe Amelia would like to play in grass. There is plenty of texture and things to grab!”


She cried and cried.


Amelia now knows when a nap is coming. She cries as soon as we enter her room and clings to me for dear life. Poor sweet baby. She also cries the second she wakes up (half the time, the other half she is talking up a storm). I remember when Penelope was at this stage. No fun for Mama or Baby. Worth it in the end though. My girls can sleep. Boy oh boy can they sleep. As soon as she sees me and I pick her up she squeals and kicks with joy. Worth the struggle.


We took a walk next door to smell the flowers at the church.


She was making Amelia’s doll, cleverly named “Dollie,” walk.


She didn’t want to smell the flowers but Dollie did…


She wanted to continue our walk…in our bare feet. Barefoot, my favorite way to walk.


She picked a rock out for Daddy. 🙂


Now that Amelia can hold her own bottle she won’t let Mama help.

Oh, also, Penelope calls me “Mom-Mah.” now that I am desperately trying to get Amelia to say it. Gatta say I’m loving it. Her “Mama” sounds so sweet.


We took a just-for-fun drive and Penelope passed out immediately. Couldn’t pass up capturing sleepy girl.


Monday I asked Penelope what she would like to do for the day. She passed up the park, a walk, movies, and chose shopping! So I took her out for a “fancy” Taco Bell lunch and some window shopping at JC Penny. It was a great morning!


She is awesome! Such a silly silly girl. Think I might be heading back to purchase this hat for her for those afternoons at the pool and in our soon-to-be garden.

Saturday : : Flowers


Saturday after our picnic, we went for a walk (that led home) and gathered flowers along the way.


These dandelions were the size of softballs!! I had no idea they could get so big! Their stems were so thick, they were hard to break.


Zack picked Penelope a bundle of wildflowers! He’s so thoughtful. She tried to share with Amelia but was found out before A could eat any! She is, also, thoughtful. 🙂

I have a feeling we’ll be coming back for some flowers to display at our new home!

Saturday : : Picnic


Saturday we awoke with zero plans, so we spent it at the park. It was wonderful!


Yep, she’s already using a sippy cup…can’t believe it…


Oh, this lady. What a joy she is. Wish I had a shoe phone that classy!


The love he has for our girls is something to be admired. It flows so freely. You can see it in his eyes, He is such a wonderful man.


Hard not to have fun when you’re with these two! We had a relaxing picnic for an early lunch. Perfect weather, calm girls, our covered-wagon, and seven baby geese! Pretty good combo.


I am so grateful we live in such a wonderful, peaceful town. So much to be enjoyed here.

We went on a walk after our picnic, I’ll post more on that tomorrow since this post is already pretty long! 🙂

7 months


Miss Amelia is seven months old today! She has completed so many firsts in the past month!


First word  : : “Dada” (Penelope’s was “Hey!”)

First crawl.

First – and second!- tooth.

First time holding her own bottle.

First time sitting up on her own.

First time pulling up onto something and standing for a bit.

First time on the potty – and it would have been the worst diaper I had ever changed – hooray for good timing!


She is now a fantastic eater! She knows the drill. Spoon feedings and independently eating puff snacks.

I don’t know how she does it, but she seems to be everywhere at once these days! Blink and she’s into something she shouldn’t be.

She still does the ballerina stance, when we hold her in a standing position.


She is now 21 pounds, six ounces, otherwise known as heavy!

Quite a squealer and a giggler, I can’t wait to hear her voice when she begins talking!

Princess of open mouth kisses. Penelope is the Queen, she accidentally frenched me once while at IHOP with Aunt Beth. So far no frenchies from A. 🙂

We love you Amelia! Happy Birthday!

Our Mornin’


Today has been the first relaxing day in what seems like a month for me. It is quiet. No music, television, or children playing too loud in our “backyard.”

Penelope is finally going potty independently (unless mommy chases her to the bathroom for a photo like a crazy person). Exactly two years on the potty, I think it’s long over due.

Amelia is going to start going potty on the toilet this month as well. She is different for Penelope in a lot of ways, so we’ll see how this goes.


Amelia crawled today!!! It was on the slippery kitchen floor and has not been attempted again, but I’m going to say it was legit and 100% on purpose.


Along with crawling, our morning was spent vacuuming, completing a mound of dishes, changing three record breaking diapers, filling a hamper with dirty clothes – this will be my final step in the complete-laundry portion of mission-make-our-home-company-ready…I just don’t feel like attempting such a task today.


Kisses have been avoided…


…and forced! Mama’s kisses should still be delicious!!! Right?


We had Penelope’s Bible lesson on the porch between chalk doodles during A’s nap.

It was so nice, and we are in for another busy couple of weeks, not including new things Amelia will be learning, and Penelope needing even more hands on time with Mama. Yikes!

Busy is good though. Better than bored.

Snapshots: : 15


Photo taken by Dylan

Last weekend we went to a wedding for one of our favorite people. It was short, sweet, lovely, and we are so so happy for them! The bride was gorgeous (as always). Penelope called her “Princess” all morning. 🙂


Penelope and Uncle Dylan chat’n it up.


Penelope was pretty tired (and sassy!), so we only stayed at the reception long enough to say hello to the friends we haven’t seen in two years. We miss them all so much!


We began packing the girls’ stuff up. ‘Tis a mess.

Penelope recently received a Doc McStuffins doll, and it came with little pieces that I kept packaged up. As soon as I gave in to the begging, one was missing within five minutes. Amelia isn’t allowed to play in her room until we find it, which might just be moving day.


Best part about packing? Empty boxes! Penelope wants to do everything with Amelia now that she can get around. I hear, “Mia Comin’?” a lot these days. 


Amelia took her first ride in a cart without her car seat this week! Such a big girl!


I love her scrunchy nose smile!

We spend most of our days on the porch. We would spend it in the neighboring churches super green grass, but it has been wet for weeks now.


Penelope also chewed her first piece of gum. She totally swallowed it. So, her first is also her last. She said it was “hot,” I think she thought the mint flavor was spicy. 🙂


Amelia experienced the swing for the first time as well!! I think she liked it. 🙂


and the firsts just keep on coming! Amelia’s first tooth finally broke through!! That was a tough one for her.

First time playing in a box, first independent ride in the cart, first time attending a wedding (for Amelia), first piece of gum, A’s first time in a park swing and first tooth…it’s been a full week of firsts for these girls! The week is not over yet, Penelope is trying to add “first time eating chocolate for breakfast” to her list…not happenin’ lady.

I hope your week has been just as wonderful!

Hey! Boy!


Sunday morning we stopped by a friend’s house. I hadn’t seen her in…well…two years! Wow! Penelope was five months old. We used to say our kids were going to end up together – based on these photos, we’d have some adorable grandkids! Just worked out that their names are Cash and Penny, and their sister’s are Mesa and “Mia”. Couldn’t be cuter!


Not sure, but I hope this truck came pre-mudded!

Penelope loves tractors, and there were plenty for her to play with. We have no tractor toys at our house, but I have a feeling we will be hearing “My gwactor, peeese?” a lot.


Playing a keyboard with her feet??? Craziness!


Cash taught us all about how to grow corn! He is so smart!


Mesa is gorgeous! Obviously. She is such a sweetheart, and man oh man is she a fast runner!


These two were so funny figuring each other’s names out. All in all, I think “Elby” and “Hey! Boy!” liked each other by the time we left. They’ll definitely have to hang out more often!

Thanks for sharing the morning with us Tara! It was great to see you!