Snapshots: : 17


So, we are without internet but still alive and well. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to!

“Uncle Doe come see me lass week!” – Penelope’s description of the photo above.

My older brother has been down to help us few times in the past two weeks – and boy did he help!! We were able to move all of our stuff over from the apartment, get eighty percent of our things unpacked, get our riding mower completely repaired (and waxed!), as well as a ton of other things – just in the first day!!!.


Amelia adjusted to her new room just fine! She is back to her three naps a day plus sleeping 12 hours at night! One happy baby! One happy mama!


Penelope and I have explored the yard a few times during A’s naps. I can’t get enough! Penelope is scared of every bug (Even nats, ya’ll!), every animal, basically everything short of sidewalk chalk. I want to explain that things are okay, but on the other hand, I don’t want her to pet a rabid dog should it walk up to her. It’s a fine line I’m having trouble seeing.


Amelia likes showing off her new toofers, and Mama enjoys documenting them! 🙂


I pulled Penelope out of a nap to go see the new Monsters University movie. Complete with popcorn and candy. She didn’t know what to do when I told her she could pick out some candy. I picked the most colorful, chewy one. Daddy is better at pickin’ candy. I prefer salty over sweet.


I spent an entire morning setting up our dining room. It was so much fun for me!


We stocked our fridge with food and every available bowl (I have a lot of bowls!) with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Amelia has enjoyed crawling everywhere in the new place. I’m so glad she waited until the move to become a master crawler.


Penelope enjoying some Nutella…okay, a lot of Nutella.

She grabbed the container, a spoon, and sat herself at the table…this is how I found her.

She has been picking “piggy hair” as her style of choice. We were trying to grow her bangs out, just for kicks, but finally had to trim them. She prefers it this way.

We also saw a deer in our yard yesterday!! Chillin’ by a tree. We went swimming, planted new plants, filled bird feeders, set up the front porch, ran from a horsefly, and washed several loads of laundry in our new washer and dryer!

Hopefully more pictures and posts will be on the way soon!