A Glimpse


Here is a peek at our week. Rhyme totally intended. 🙂

We were able to go visit Zack’s mom and Grandparents for the fourth, and took a little time to go see my parents. (Baby Ted above!!) Ted is almost small enough to fit in a pocket. Not quite though, I tried…

Amelia’s hair looked so orange in the color version of this photo – I hope it becomes permanently orange. You can’t have too many red heads, can you?


She can even model a Tupperware lid! This is how she passed the time while waiting for our meal to arrive, at one of our failed attempts to find free Wi-Fi. She makes me so happy!

DSC_9466b1 (18)1 (19)

On our way up to St. Louis for the fourth, we spent a day at the Zoo. Amelia sat up independently in the wagon for the first time! Several hours, no complaints from either girl. Aunt Audrey gave Amelia this necklace last Christmas. It was a distraction, meant to steer her attention away from her sun hat, which usually comes off as it is placed on her head. Worked like a charm.


Zack and I went out on a date the evening of the fourth, and caught a glimpse of fireworks while stuck in traffic over the Missouri River. It was so nice sitting on a bridge at night, windows down, watching fireworks.


The following morning I took Penelope to a park extra early. We were the only ones there. Sadly the swings were the only dry attraction. We took turns chasing each other, and daringly went down the wet slides, despite the puddles.

We are having a wedding here at our house this weekend, followed by a road trip to see family!

Pictures of the wedding and other visiting with family will be posted as soon as I can.