Snapshots: : 18

It has been such a great week! Full of family, fun and relaxation.
Grandma Penny made Penelope this crown from a cereal box, and twine – reason #174 Grandmas are better than Mama.
Ben was here!!! He had some quality niece time. Anything better than a mushy baby asleep in your arms? I think he would answer, “Nope!”

Penelope went on and on about the balloons at the wedding. I have yet to attend a wedding that was as fun for children as Joe and Meg’s.
We spent an evening at Aunt Teresa and Uncle “Gweg’s” house. Anna and the girls were down from Seattle. Penelope is still saying “Where my friends go?” We will miss you, Anna, come back soon!
We have spent just about every morning, afternoon, and evening on our deck enjoying our patio table. Once again, despite her expression, Amelia enjoys it too. 🙂
I found Amelia and Zack like this when I woke up this morning. Why won’t she do this for me?
I will leave you with one last photo, proving my girls don’t always cooperate for photos (Well, A proves this on a regular basis)…
This was the best shot of her posing in front of the Ozark Mountains. She did it on purpose.
Hope everyone’s week is going well!