We went to Lazy 5 Ranch (a drive through zoo!!) in Mooresville yesterday. It was amazing!!


As you can see, you can pet some animals (a.k.a. the ones that come over to see you.) They give you feed for them, so they are expecting it, but you may get to pet them even without food.


Literal amazement.

She was watching  a wagon full of children being pulled by three Clydesdales. There was a school there that filled them up pretty quickly, so we would’ve had to wait a couple of hours for a ride, so we stuck with our trusty van.


We thought Penelope would be terrified, but she enjoyed it so much! For instance, this ram above…”Come here! I need see you! Come here!”


Every time a llama passed by I wanted to…well, throw up my lunch. They smell terrible, so if you go, beware and roll up your window. They are one of the animals that will lunge their face into your car to see what’s going on.


(Deer –below- were ahead of us at another car.)

Penelope: “Deer, I comin’ for you!”

I think her fear of animals is no more. 🙂


“Come here. I pet you nose?”


My daughter, ladies and gentlemen, pettin’ a deer like a boss.

(This was actually like her tenth time petting an animal here.)


#2214 was a sweetheart.


We were past all of the animals we could see for the moment, and she thought our trip was over. We were only half way done, it just so happened no animals were around this particular area. (All of the animals roam free with one another, except the giraffes and rhino.)


I think these bucks were practicing. A third one joined in after this photo was taken.


She was yelling at the rhino, “Come here! I take pisher of you!”

The rhino paid no attention to her, but couldn’t come over to us anyway.


It was fun, and worth the trip!

*(If you live near Mooresville, and you go, it’s cash only. They are open year round, with the exception of Christmas day.)

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