After supper, Penelope and I played together quietly. I have been d y i n g to really capture moments with my camera again. It feels like it has been so long since I have been able to enjoy my hobby.

My last post was of daily here and there photos, so I obvisously still take photos. However those were one photo a day and capturing a single moment with a single photo over a weeks time…you’ll see what I mean by capturing moments as you scroll down this post. It is so wonderful bonding with my Ploppy.


We made a “castle” for her princess a few days ago, and she has yet to tire of this design. Mommy the architect – ha! Tonight I put on “curtains” she said it needed.

Oh! “Princess” also has a dolphin four-wheeler type vehicle. Perty snazzy.


The natural light in this house!! I enjoy it each stage of each day, rain or shine. I am so thankful I am still so in love with this house. (Pictures to come soon!)


You all know her smile for Grandma (completely scrunched face), this lovely photo (above) is her “Grandpa smile.” Just for you Dad. 😉


Penelope hung out with her toys all morning in this tent.


“One. Two. Three. Four. ‘Skix’.”




No idea where this bright idea came from! Watch out Grandma Shari, you may be next!


You are a treat, Miss P. I love you!!!!



Amelia is a l m o s t walking on her own. she walks perfect around furniture, and very well if we hold one of her hands. She still prefers crawling., and boy oh boy is she fast! Grandma Penny was really good at getting her to walk more than she crawled during her visit last week.


We moved Penelope’s pony onto the front porch, and now she asks for it every five minutes, so it will either be moved indoors or hidden for a while…at least until it is not dreadfully hot outside.

As you can see she really enjoys having her hair in curlers. 😉 We added some lipstick and shimmery eye shadow to the mix, to get the full “princess” effect going on. (This was taken the same day we picked blackberries at the neighbors house – she even wore the curlers over there!)


Amelia is fascinated with the pantry. I don’t think it is because she is hungry, I’m not even sure the connection of food + pantry has been made yet, but Ramen packets sure are crinkly!


We have had, at the very least, three tea parties a day! Orange tea, grape tea, tomato tea, pear tea, Coke tea, lemon tea…the possibilities are endless.


Amelia has discovered the delicious snack that is the fig newton. I’d like to thank Miss P. for this particular achievement in A’s life. She shared one with Amelia and now she is hooked, if only on its mushy texture. (I think these were actually apple cinnamon newtons, I just call them all the standard fig.)



I decided to venture out into the yard today, since Penelope really wanted to swing. My neighbors happened to be out checking on their peach tree (Seeing if the deer left any for them), and invited us over to pick some blackberries (Penelope calls them ‘black blueberries’). For a half an hour I felt like I was back in the south! Kind, inviting neighbors, offering to share their freshly grown berries and vegetables.


She also gave me her favorite pie crust recipe! Although creating it with a baby on my hip and a toddler pulling on my leg left something to be desired in the aesthetics department. It is delicious though!!


I think Penelope and Mama might finish it off before Daddy gets home from taking Grandma Penny back to her house! Sorry Zack…

Thanks Brenda!

*(Penelope calls her “My Mrs. Brenda”)



I recently had my wisdom teeth taken out, and am still recovering. Today I have been attempting to plow through my day to see how much I can tolerate / accomplish. It is quickly becoming autumn around here, and our plants are the biggest red flag. So, before they are gone we gathered some to enjoy indoors.


This flower bloomed and wilted rather quickly. Zack snapped these shots just in time.

IMG_5524 - CopyIMG_5529 - CopyIMG_5534 - CopyIMG_5543

Penelope planted a “Pluot” (plum + apricot) for Leo, and one for herself.

IMG_5547 - CopyIMG_5548IMG_5551IMG_5552

We also planted a tray of apple seeds. Who knows if anything will come of it, but Penelope sure had fun!

8 & 9 MONTHS


I didn’t have time to write an update last month, or even last Friday, when she hit the nine month mark. This is definitely a time I would like down in the books. She has grown so much!

In her eighth month she began standing against and pulling up on furniture!

She begun a crawl which is equivalent to a dead sprint for us vertical folks. Mama is exhausted and proud!

She is eating food with chucks in it and is a champion chewer.

She still only has two teeth, but seems to be having a dreadful time teething every now and again. My fingers are crossed for the rest coming in at once! – This little development has Mama vacuuming and sweeping the entire house at least once a day.

She is calm 99.9 percent of the time, and is so smiley!!

She now says “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Bababababa,” so many times a day. It is getting so easy to understand what she is trying to tell us and what she needs.

She is now in 2T clothing!! Her and Penelope share clothes most of the time, which is nice when I’m in a hurry and convenient when I just have to pack one spare outfit in the diaper bag!

She and Penelope are becoming better and better friends as each day goes. When A cries, Penelope usually says, “I got her Mommy, I got her.”

Love this lady so so much!!



My brother and his Mrs. are moving to Oregon at the end of the month. I am super bummed, and at the same time, really happy for them! (Miss Sadie Boo joined us!)


Penelope discovered pretzel sticks, and could have not been more happy about this. She only got sillier from here, but I somehow started to cut her head off…oops. 🙂



My adorable and awesome nephews!


I haven’t asked them of they liked it or not yet, but I can’t get enough! My parents couldn’t stop laughing at how hard it is to take a group photo with cranky grandkids, and Megahn doing a silly something-or-other behind my head in attempts to pull out some smiles! It was a pretty great moment.


Joseph and Megahn’s babies.


Notice this is the same Rootbeer can Leo had been drinking from. It took them about a half an hour of swapping this can to finally finish it.


We are going to miss you lovely folks!!

Two brothers at opposite ends of the country and the sisters smack dab in the middle…



Yesterday we all took Miss Maple out for her very first walk – ever! It is strange to have such a large dog doing normal “dog things” for the first time.


She did such a wonderful job. She was scarred of the sound of water, walking on bridges, and the sight of fish swimming, but otherwise, I think she enjoyed it.


We are trying to teach her “heel,” “sit,” and “down.” So far it has been easier than I though it would be. –OH! still no barks from this lady! (My favorite quality for a dog to have.) Although I think if it came down to protection she would find her bark.


Despite the looks on their faces, the girls had quite a bit of fun. I handed Amelia two teething toys as we began our walk, and Penelope spent the entire time rotating them out “for” Amelia. She literally had to pull the toys away from her. Mama wasn’t happy with her methods, but Amelia went along with it peacefully.


Maple is getting “fixed” and those gigantic nails of hers clipped, today! We’ll pick her up in the morning.



“Hey, Penelope, you want to go look at puppies today?”

…now we have a Maple. A delightful, sweet as can be, Maple. (Formerly “Cocoa.”)


She was the only dog out of two humane societies that didn’t bark. Sold! She also didn’t jump when we took her out of the cage to walk her around a bit.


She was rescued from a puppy mill. 150 dogs, and only fourteen found alive. Maple was one of those fourteen. You can kind of see the abuse in her right eye, and she was skin and bones only three weeks ago.


She has never had a home, has only had an actual name for three weeks, and still doesn’t understand “toys” or “playtime.” As you can see by the blurry photos, she is getting used to open space, but not having her photo taken. I’ll fix that soon! 🙂

We’re happy to have her here!



It is now August, and we moved into our new home at the end of June, and we are just now enjoying it. From the moment we moved in, it has felt like ours. I have never had that feeling of “home” before. As soon as we moved in we began preparing it for a wedding, and then we took a long trip.

We have had autumn like weather here since our return and it has put me in a nesting / cooking three coarse meals / baking / cleaning mood!


I have been so thankful for things in my life these past two months. More so than usual. Here are a few from this week : :

New boots on freshly covered leech fields.

Along with a free-of-charge leveling of our yard, and pesky stumps pulled up just because people are nice : : While we were on vacation we had a leech field put in. The workers went above and beyond our expectations. Our yard is even more beautiful than before!


Freshly cut firewood and a fire place to use it in!


Antique xylophones, and headbands worn atop hats.


Discovering flowers I didn’t know we had.


Time to write blog posts.


Antique tea cans for a dollar and white plants (also a dollar) to fill them.


Make shift pencil cup and a matching plant to sit beside it.


Peach trees stocked with peaches almost ripe enough to pick.


…and last but obviously not least – Amelia’s first ponytail! She has inherited Mama’s “monkey” hair, and it can finally be tamed! The thankfulness on this particular one extends on over to me having a second child that will sit patiently while Mama messes with their mane!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday!



Our last stop before our twelve hour drive home was to visit my my Aunt Darlene, my second Mama.


Her neighborhood is gorgeous!


When did Penelope get so big??? She is only two!


Took her a few tries, but she finally got the hang of these Dr. Seuss telephone-esk thing-a-ma-jigs.


Hot swings and slides lead to free hugs with each ride! Thank you so much, Jamie, for entertaining Penelope. She had so much fun!


We were able to spend a couple of hours at the outdoor pool – pretty. stickin’. awesome.


Aside from Aunt Nancy (Our Tennessee visit), Aunt Darlene is the only other person Amelia went to, no questions asked, and no desire to feel the embrace of Mama’s arms ever again. 🙂


What I wouldn’t give for either one of their tans…


Somehow I feel as though my children could easily be mistaken for Dillon and Jamie’s kids.


Jasmine and Amelia. 🙂


Penelope, servin’ us up some ham for supper. Worth savoring. Feel free to scroll back up for some seconds on your way out!


Thank you so much Aunt Darlene and Daniel for having us over! Next time we’ll have to stay longer. 🙂