“Hey, Penelope, you want to go look at puppies today?”

…now we have a Maple. A delightful, sweet as can be, Maple. (Formerly “Cocoa.”)


She was the only dog out of two humane societies that didn’t bark. Sold! She also didn’t jump when we took her out of the cage to walk her around a bit.


She was rescued from a puppy mill. 150 dogs, and only fourteen found alive. Maple was one of those fourteen. You can kind of see the abuse in her right eye, and she was skin and bones only three weeks ago.


She has never had a home, has only had an actual name for three weeks, and still doesn’t understand “toys” or “playtime.” As you can see by the blurry photos, she is getting used to open space, but not having her photo taken. I’ll fix that soon! 🙂

We’re happy to have her here!