Yesterday we all took Miss Maple out for her very first walk – ever! It is strange to have such a large dog doing normal “dog things” for the first time.


She did such a wonderful job. She was scarred of the sound of water, walking on bridges, and the sight of fish swimming, but otherwise, I think she enjoyed it.


We are trying to teach her “heel,” “sit,” and “down.” So far it has been easier than I though it would be. –OH! still no barks from this lady! (My favorite quality for a dog to have.) Although I think if it came down to protection she would find her bark.


Despite the looks on their faces, the girls had quite a bit of fun. I handed Amelia two teething toys as we began our walk, and Penelope spent the entire time rotating them out “for” Amelia. She literally had to pull the toys away from her. Mama wasn’t happy with her methods, but Amelia went along with it peacefully.


Maple is getting “fixed” and those gigantic nails of hers clipped, today! We’ll pick her up in the morning.

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