I decided to venture out into the yard today, since Penelope really wanted to swing. My neighbors happened to be out checking on their peach tree (Seeing if the deer left any for them), and invited us over to pick some blackberries (Penelope calls them ‘black blueberries’). For a half an hour I felt like I was back in the south! Kind, inviting neighbors, offering to share their freshly grown berries and vegetables.


She also gave me her favorite pie crust recipe! Although creating it with a baby on my hip and a toddler pulling on my leg left something to be desired in the aesthetics department. It is delicious though!!


I think Penelope and Mama might finish it off before Daddy gets home from taking Grandma Penny back to her house! Sorry Zack…

Thanks Brenda!

*(Penelope calls her “My Mrs. Brenda”)