Amelia is a l m o s t walking on her own. she walks perfect around furniture, and very well if we hold one of her hands. She still prefers crawling., and boy oh boy is she fast! Grandma Penny was really good at getting her to walk more than she crawled during her visit last week.


We moved Penelope’s pony onto the front porch, and now she asks for it every five minutes, so it will either be moved indoors or hidden for a while…at least until it is not dreadfully hot outside.

As you can see she really enjoys having her hair in curlers. 😉 We added some lipstick and shimmery eye shadow to the mix, to get the full “princess” effect going on. (This was taken the same day we picked blackberries at the neighbors house – she even wore the curlers over there!)


Amelia is fascinated with the pantry. I don’t think it is because she is hungry, I’m not even sure the connection of food + pantry has been made yet, but Ramen packets sure are crinkly!


We have had, at the very least, three tea parties a day! Orange tea, grape tea, tomato tea, pear tea, Coke tea, lemon tea…the possibilities are endless.


Amelia has discovered the delicious snack that is the fig newton. I’d like to thank Miss P. for this particular achievement in A’s life. She shared one with Amelia and now she is hooked, if only on its mushy texture. (I think these were actually apple cinnamon newtons, I just call them all the standard fig.)