After supper, Penelope and I played together quietly. I have been d y i n g to really capture moments with my camera again. It feels like it has been so long since I have been able to enjoy my hobby.

My last post was of daily here and there photos, so I obvisously still take photos. However those were one photo a day and capturing a single moment with a single photo over a weeks time…you’ll see what I mean by capturing moments as you scroll down this post. It is so wonderful bonding with my Ploppy.


We made a “castle” for her princess a few days ago, and she has yet to tire of this design. Mommy the architect – ha! Tonight I put on “curtains” she said it needed.

Oh! “Princess” also has a dolphin four-wheeler type vehicle. Perty snazzy.


The natural light in this house!! I enjoy it each stage of each day, rain or shine. I am so thankful I am still so in love with this house. (Pictures to come soon!)


You all know her smile for Grandma (completely scrunched face), this lovely photo (above) is her “Grandpa smile.” Just for you Dad. 😉


Penelope hung out with her toys all morning in this tent.


“One. Two. Three. Four. ‘Skix’.”




No idea where this bright idea came from! Watch out Grandma Shari, you may be next!


You are a treat, Miss P. I love you!!!!