Thursday Zack and I began clearing our woods, everything except the large trees (!!). No doubt a project that will take some time. Between watching the girls, and juggling naptimes I just don’t have a good amount of time to help Zack. When it comes to hard work and an eagerness to help, Dylan is the first thought that comes to our mind.

Zack gave him a text last night – he showed up at 8:30 this morning ready to work! (He lives two hours away in Springfield)


So far there has been quite a bit of raking leaves and cutting small trees and raspberry bushes. Oh the thorns…


Our goal is for our yard to resemble a park. The kind of park with gardens, well cut grass, as well as benches and swings spread throughout. Also, a nice fire pit, a chicken coop (built into the shed), a huge vegetable garden, more fruit trees, berry bushes and grape vines, and a small green house. Needless to say, I am glad I married a “doer”!!


Score! This little fellow made it into the treasure box!


Yesterday, Penelope scored this game at the antique store. Obviously, Dylan couldn’t leave without playing it.


Well, this one is getting framed immediately!


(This needle was in the box…oops.)

Children in 1964 had some awesome attention spans! Penelope did fine, but Daddy and Mommy were ready to throw in the towel halfway into our first game. I am looking forward to building health attention spans in our girls. Lord knows I could use some help in that department. Women in general struggle with this I suppose.

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