Tuesday, Zack was home by eleven.

*SNOW* was falling. You’d think I’d be totally over it by now, but I am trying to enjoy every day. I know poison ivy, gnats, and humidity are around the corner. I enjoy the fun things of summer, but the bad out weigh the bad of winter, in my opinion.

School was also called off for the rest of the week. We immediately began planning where we should go. We love to go! We ultimately decided to stick around these parts and get things done.


Plenty of cleaning has been done, and there is plenty more yet to do. I even steam cleaned our carpets! We also finished all of the upper cabinets in the kitchen! (Now we are just waiting on a microwave to put above the oven and some shelving to put below the cabinets.)

We’re kind of in spring cleaning mode, and I am loving it!!!


I recently gave Penelope one of my old wallets and placed two photos in it, one of Uncle Dylan, that was on the fridge, and one of my mom. As I was talking to my mom on the phone, I noticed Penelope was giving Grandma Penny’s photo a ‘check-up’ with her Doc McStuffins gear.

The diagnosis was good, the photo is holding up well and is expected to last several more years. 🙂


The snow is lovely, but the air makes us feel as though we are wrapped in ice. I am eager for a ‘warm’ day to show up so the girls can play in the snow.


^ This face! ^


We took the girls out to eat one afternoon to get out of the house. Penelope served up quite a bit of ham, and Amelia devoured the apple slices like a rabid wolverine.


We may have also…bought a couch!!! It was not a spontaneous decision. It has, in fact, been a couple years in the making.

Zack enjoys the reclining factor, I enjoy the plushness and heated seats (scrawny rumps stay chilly!), Penelope enjoys the compartments and the chase portion, and Amelia enjoys putting things in the cup holders and climbing up and down and up and down. 🙂

Thank you so much Josh for helping us move it in!!

We still have three days of Zack being at home! We may have to take a day trip before he heads back to work…

Happy Friday!

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