Zack and I are on the hunt for a plate rack / shelf for our kitchen. They are so hard to find, and expensive when we do. On the plus side, I get to visit antique stores!! I loves me some old stuff! Penelope found two ‘toys’ she liked. One was this lady pushing a shmancy wheelbarrow, and the other is a small scale with which she can weigh teensy things. 🙂


I also found this spice container, which matches a mug Zack’s Grandma Dee gave me! What are the chances? (and they were made in Japan, which is always a plus in my book!) It looks pretty great in our hutch!


I cleaned my desk!!!! Insignificant to you all, but I am thrilled!


We burned through our beloved Bass Pro candle, and Amelia has been enjoying the simple game of ‘lid on, lid off.’ 🙂


Kite the owl received a bath and was welcomed back with bear hugs from both girls.

Sadly, A is teething again. Molars this time. There have been too many tears in the last two days,  (Don’t worry, she will feel better by the end of this post.)


Uncle Dylan paid us a visit!!! Penelope took a trip with the boys to Lowes and helped with pancakes when she returned. Such a big girl.


Zack and Dylan (and Penelope) returned from Lowes with TONS of insulation for our attic. The moment Penelope entered the house, she began telling me all about a castle. Honestly, it went in one ear and out the other, until I saw what Dylan and Zack were building in the living room!!!


“Mom, you have to be the bad guy!”


Insulation castles and an uncle to play with made Amelia forget her teething woes! The girls played with the castle (some may call this a fort, but Penny Mae dares to dream bigger!) for two hours before naptime. Insulation is being put in the attic now, and sadly the girls will awake to no castle, but they sure did have fun!!

Tomorrow we are spending the day with Uncle Dylan in Springfield! These girls are getting spoiled. 🙂

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