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Home sweet home.

This week has left me drained, with barely visible floors, a sink full of dirty dishes, an overflowing hamper, and a dining room table covered in craft supplies. Babies skipping naps. Food landing on the floor instead of in mouths. Vacuuming five messes before noon each day. Tuesday I took a shower just for the peace and quite it offered. I even left the girls bath toys at my feet.

While I am physically exhausted, it has been a week of blessings. One of the times I am grateful for this blog and my camera. Searching for blessings and small moments that make my days beautiful help me to see the good, and skim right past the muck.


Amelia has this not-so-subtle way of telling us she wants to go outside. She brings us her boots and says, “Thank you!”

When she doesn’t see the results she wants, she puts them on, comes over to us and says, “Thank you!”

When that doesn’t work, she finds someone else’s boots, and puts those on, and giggles – because big shoes on tiny feet is funny!

How do you explain ‘too cold’ to a one year old suffering from cabin fever?


Amelia has the most beautiful facial features. Shadows strike her perfectly every time. / / We are getting prepared to construct the most bomb-diggity garden ever grown ‘round these parts!! / / The doc is in, and ready to cure Mama’s headache with a self prescribed smile / / Amelia posing for Uncle Ben’s daily photo – maybe I should let Uncle Joe in on this daily wake-up text…

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Monday we went for a drive up to our favorite cliff to watch the sun set. The thirty or so deer we saw on our way up made it that much nicer.


Sunday, we took the girls out for lunch, since our cabinets were bare (we’ve since filled them!) / / We woke up Wednesday to a dusting of snow and frozen toes / / We installed the microwave, and finished the shelf above it / / Amelia waiting for Mama, after I took a photo of our house (First photo in this post.)

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We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Zack’s birthday is this Saturday and we won’t be home, so the girls and I celebrated with him early. Penelope made him the cutest picture, cutting and gluing the paper herself (aside from hearts she asked me to cut), and even practiced writing “I love you” just for the occasion. We had homemade chicken noodle soup, and did crafts as a family until bedtime! Zack kept our ‘I love you” practice paper too. 😉

Zack and I cleaned the house after we tucked the girls in. Woop Woop!


Wednesday after lunch I gave the girls a bath just so they weren’t making more mess for me to clean up – Honesty is still the best policy, right?

I just sat and watched them play, giggle, and share. I think it added a couple years to my life.

We have a lot going on this weekend, I hope you all have a lovely one!

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