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Zack turned 26 this past weekend! We started the celebration two days early, by taking Penelope to Disney on Ice. Mickey mouse gives me the heeb-jeebs, but we only saw “him” twice and only for a couple of minutes. The rest of the show was wonderful. Penelope really got into it, yelling “Oh no, the witch!”, clapping for the performers, singing along, and even doing some of the motions! It was such a good night. A huge “THANK YOU” for my friend, Olivia, who was kind enough to invite us! I miss her already!

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^ Penelope playing with Zack’s gift-to-self, a lego logging truck ^

image (12)cousinssadie

We stayed with his mom for a couple of nights (fewer than we had planned, due to bad weather). The girls enjoyed plenty of cousin time while we were there.


Zack and I even went on a date! We were on our way to a nice, new-to-us restaurant, when we spotted a Five Guys in a new building along the way – yes, please!

We also bought some chickens…more on that tomorrow… 🙂

It was a great way to begin his 27th year of living!