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Soooo, we bought some chickens. Seven chickens to be exact.

Bumble & Kentucky (My chicks), Peanut Butter (Sadie’s chick), Hershey (Logan’s chick), Cow (Penelope’s chick), Train (Short for Coal Train, despite it being female…), and of coarse Henrietta (The last two, Zack named).

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^ The chicken whisperer ^

The chicks love Sadie. She can hold them and they don’t squirm, She opens her hand to let them go a join their friends, and they just lie down and get cozy in her open palm.  When she pets them, they stop instead of run.

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I am hoping this will be a wonderful adventure, that will blossom into a beautiful memory for us and our girls! (and not a disaster!)

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Zack has blueprints drawn up for the coop, Maple doesn’t care a bit that they exist (Totally thought she would think we brought her a special supper!), and so far they are quiet and clean. I am looking forward to fresh eggs and organic chicken – that I know is organic!! Although, I do believe Cow will die of old age, because I just couldn’t allow Penelope’s chicken to die of anything short of old age!

I will continue to post Coop how-to’s, tips and tricks we learn along the way, and plenty of photos of the girls with the chickens. 🙂