We finished off our week with my mom, with a visit from my dad! Grandpa get his own set of giggles. Deeper giggles, from the gut. He also gets more hugs than me…I may need to rethink inviting him back. 😉

set two

Blowing Mama bubble kisses.  / / Penelope learned to fly a kite! / / Mama and her Ploppy / / Amelia picking up where we left off the day before. I can tell chalk will be a big part of our summer!

set five

Zack and I went on a date! We’ve somewhat forgotten how to date. Its been so long. Living near roughly two  types of places to go on a date makes the experience tough. We were going to take pictures of stars, but wouldn’t you know, the clouds came out… / / We made a total of three pizzas in three days! / / Chickies enjoy alone time, and space to roam. / / Penelope enjoys sunshine, large sunglasses, and big smiles!


Saturday morning, my mom and I spotted the girls reading together in their room. Later, we heard Penelope yell, “No, Mia, come back here! I reading to you!” – Amelia went back in to the room and closed the door behind her.


Penelope looked way to cute for Grandpa’s visit. We had to have a photo-shoot! Right?


^  The Penelopes soaking in the view and counting the birds. ^

IMG_9324IMG_9281IMG_9366IMG_9278IMG_9259set three

Saturday we went to the park with my parents. – in tank tops!! We fed fish, played at the playground, and went up to the lookout. Maple even got to go!

While we were gone, Zack and one of his students built a coop for our chickens. Still a bit of work to do, like painting, adding windows and wheels, but it is looking good!

IMG_9396IMG_9401set four

After a very warm Saturday, we received quite a few inched of snow on Sunday. Maple hung out with me, while I watched a Psych marathon. Amelia took a six hour nap, Zack and I traded off taking naps, and Penelope drew pictures, watched a movie, and played with whichever parent happened to be awake. 🙂

We made a pizza, gave some girlies a bath, and had an equally lazy evening.

Today is supposed to be warm again!! Whooooo! Happy Monday!