I cannot believe April arrives in just a couple of days! March was such a full month for us. Grass is now growing, making everything green!! April will certainly be welcome.

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This week I rotated out some toys, included was Penelope’s guitar. She spent Wednesday morning in the sun focusing on her craft, and making sure Amelia didn’t try to snatch it. She also gave me a few lessons. 😉


We went to Grandma Shari’s house over the weekend to celebrate her birthday! / / Amelia is smitten with Paw Paw. 🙂 / / Zack had a few days of spring break, so we took the long way home after grocery shopping. Amelia loves to go go go just as much as the rest of us (hooray!!) / / We moved our fire pit to an out-of-the-way location in the yard, and christened it with roasted marshmallows. Mmmmm….


Amelia has become fascinated with books this week. One after another. She even returns them to the shelf when she is done! Typically, if I don’t see her or hear her, it means trouble, however, this week I find her carefully flipping through a book. Proud Mama.


Another new thing for Amelia is accessories. She can’t get enough. Headbands, bracelets, necklaces, head wraps, hair bows, shoes and hats! / / Penelope and I painted pinecones last week, and we finally got around to putting them to use. We made a mobile to go about her bed. / / We painted our kitchen cabinets, and the laundry room, Wednesday and Thursday! / / Amelia got a chocolate + peanut butter treat after lunch Friday, and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of her sweet messy face.


Friday morning we had a picnic, which I kept calling a “Tea Party.” I was corrected. Often.


This happened!!  ^


Cookies are rare. Penelope inspected hers and Amelia couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. 🙂


Penelope made a cardboard necklace we found on Pinterest. It was yellow, her favorite!

Also, you may notice her strawberry plant in the terracotta pot. Yes? Well, she told me the other day, “That’s where snails live.” I couldn’t stop smiling. So clever.


All week I have been snuggling for a long time with Penelope before bed. Some days we go past her bedtime. I’m fine with that. I think I’ve gained a year for every hour of one on one time with her. / / We had to grab a few things at Lowes. Again.  It has been about two weeks since my last visit (Zack has been more recently). Two weeks is kind of unheard of…so many projects… / / Maple hurt her ankle? and has been limping about the house and napping by the door when we let her out. She did let me give her a bath despite the gash it her leg.  / / We took the girls to the park for supper and fed the fish before we left. Flowers are blooming!!

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More projects this weekend! We’ve gained energy and we’re rolling with it!! See you in April!

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