Dear [toddler] Rae,

Two weeks ago you slept for what seemed like three days straight in your cocoon of a crib. You emerged thinner, sporting more chiseled facial features, miraculously less hungry, more understanding, and somehow more independent.

What a strange feeling it is to no longer be a mama to a baby. It is true that, even when you are 78, you will still be my baby, but I can’t help but feel a smidge less needed.

Your hands are getting strong and firm. You are losing your delicious knuckle dimples. In return you have developed a hand holding strength that melts my heart to mush. A fair trade I will happily accept.

You say words, Amelia! Words! You say just about every word with an echo, and I can’t help but chuckle.

“Bir bir!” – Bird – your favorite animal right now.

“Buh buh”- (Penelope)

“Hu hu” – Hot hot, for the stove.

“DUMMMMM – DOH!!!” (Dumbo)

“Pur pur” –Purple

“Beh beh” – Baby

“Maaaaaay – buuuuul” – Maple

I have a feeling you will develop a southern accent like you sister. It would seem Mama’s old accent comes out when I raise my voice. This would mean I need to yell less, oops. I find very few things to be cuter than a little lady with a southern drawl. Maybe I’ll just stick to yelling sweet things, and softly say things like the ever occurring, “Amelia don’t eat out of the trash can!!” or “Don’t draw on your sister!”

You will now snuggle for a solid ten seconds before wiggling out of my grasp! This is an increase of at least five seconds. You have also improved your kisses!! They are strong, abundant, and perfectly puckered.

You still rip pages in books. Your favorite books are Penelope’s Bible and her devotional book – also her favorites. She cries every time you posses them. You tear a page every time you posses them.

You go to the potty and place the seat on correctly when you have to go, and this house rarely sees a wet diaper. You amaze me.

You now have regular chores. Everyday you unload your dishes from the dish washer, help pick up toys, and wipe the table. Such a big helper!

Your favorite game to play with Penelope is “Who can scream the loudest?” it is always followed by from-the-gut-giggles. The best kind.

Penelope enjoys creating, building, and collecting. You enjoying destroying it. All of it.

Grandma Penny says you are not a stinker, but for the record – you’re a stinker.

My favorite stinker.

I adore you Miss Rae,


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