This week has been so nice. The weather has been a dream, the girls have been marvelous, and our work ethic has been above the norm!


We moved the chicken coop.  ^  big eaters 😉


Finally set up posts and lines for the blackberry bushes! Yum!


We (even the girls!) built a garden box. Can’t wait to fill it with what is currently filling our green house.

image (2)

Amelia had a doctor’s visit last week. Only one shot this time. She cried until she saw her reward – a sucker! The scale said her weight hasn’t changed in 3 months…I beg to differ. She is, however, on the fast track to 5’ 11”.


The girls and I went to see my sister and watch my nephews last Thursday and Friday. Penelope and Leo are the cutest together!


After we made strawberries, Penelope and I did some gardening – and reenacted The Sound of Music…

image (5)

Penelope and I have begun reading Black Beauty! She is really enjoying it. She asks questions about words she doesn’t know, and listens patiently – and we read while snuggling!!! Three days of reading and we are already on chapter seven. Some nights I only feel like reading one and others we breeze through two or three.


^  Kind of a family photo, right?  ^


Today we enjoyed lunch outside! (Just in time for four days of thunderstorms!) Penelope and I enjoyed time in the pool, while Amelia slowly finished her pudding. She had no interest in swimming and later went on to nap while Penelope and I continued to enjoy the sun and ice cold pool water.

When Zack gets home we have errands to run, but boy would I like to continue sitting by the pool!

Happy Tuesdee!

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