dECEMBER 10 3:00


Last week I didn’t feel so great, so once I felt any bit good I compensated big time! The girls found some old Hello Kitty tattoos, and we went nuts! Kitties everywhere!

This ^ photo was taken at our second camp-style lunch!


Amelia is really into Frozen (only on the iPad – weird?), My Little Pony anything, and hats. That actually sums up her interests at this moment pretty well.


We went to a playground with Zack! We haven’t seen him much this summer, so when we do there isn’t much sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

image (1)image (2)

Our tomatoes have been getting sunburned (Thanks, horned worms…), so most of them have yet to ripen. Anytime we see a red one, we immediately eat it! Amelia offered some to Black Beauty (Okay,  insisted she eat it right that very moment!), but that didn’t work out in her favor.

image (3)

Mama hen checking on her chickies.

image (4)

Coloring for Grandma. 🙂


Grandma came to visit for a day! One of these days we’re not going to let her leave!

image (7)image (8)

Zack let a hen out of the coop! We don’t do that often enough. She was able to explore the garden, run through the yard, and she let me hold her for a good while! They’re so soft!

image (9)

Penelope spent all of Sunday evening in the pool with her Legos and chair. (Amelia even joined in before bath time!)


We finally  went shopping for groceries before Grandma arrived. –and before tax-free weekend officially began (whew!  )

image (12)

I took Penelope to feed some geese while Zack watched Amelia. I know several people who are afraid of geese, but this lady could barely resist the urge to pet them! We ran out of bread too soon…


…so we swung!!

image (10)

Within the hour we were already at the river with friends! We had the whole place to ourselves. 🙂

I’ll dedicate an entire post on the river next time!

Zack starts back at school (preparations) this week! Hopefully this means we will see more of him!!!!!