Though you are young, you are a giant. You love with the with a great strength, you dance without fear, and you journey with curiosity, hope and joy in your pocket. Can I be you when I grow up?

You are so clever! Already, at three, your jokes are smart…and you know it. You accompany every joke with the most contagious belly laugh and a smile that just won’t quit. I now know why I would often find my mom starring at us as we did nothing particularly spectacular. There really is nothing in this world better than my two ladies. I could watch you sit perfectly still for hours.  HOURS.

You are really interested in friends (which you call your “kids”), school, swimming, horses, ring-around-the-rosie, weddings (specifically, yours), and traveling to amazing places we study (whether we actually go there or not).

We began reading Daddy’s Action Bible and you sit completely fascinated, and ask questions about everything I say. Your Bible was your favorite book, and had Amelia not ripped it, it would still be our go-to. Thanks for being calm when Amelia is being a stinker. You’re classy lady.

You are such a mama bird that Amelia calls you “Mama.” I am okay with this, and I totally see why she thinks you are her other mama. You’re not bossy, you are genuinely helpful and kind. Your heart makes mine desire to be better.

This year (The year of being four) officially begins the preschool years, the year you may begin dance, and the year we no longer have a hand-me-down supply (good-bye money…hello to seeing what your style is!).

You will be four in the blink of an eye. I am trying so hard not to blink, but my big eyes are drying out. I guess as long as you don’t grow out of wanting to hold my hand, snuggle all hours of the day, and don’t stop giving me obnoxiously long kisses for another year I’ll go ahead and blink, but only once!

I love you more than I could ever say.

You are perfect, darling.

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