Put that back.

Leave that alone.

What are you doing?

Mia? Where’d you go? Oooooh…go sit in time out.

…Get back in time out.

These are all phrases you hear, and I say, too often. Hopefully I am evening things out with I love yous, and an abundance of kisses.

Tonight I walked into my room to find the floor had been replaced with alphabet cards. The whole family joined forces to find the box they belong with. Later, after you had gone to bed, I found that box in the garbage can, along with the lid to a sippy cup, a mickey mouse bowl from my childhood, and the letter V card.

However, you now kiss on command. Win win win for everyone!

Your favorite person is me! No joke, future Amelia, I really used to be you favorite person.

You adore your sister. The two of you soar through the house at top running speed, hugging mid-run and toppling to the floor laughing so hard you snort. It. Is. Magical.

Penelope is a mama to you, and a more responsible mama than your actual one, if I’m being honest. She calmly said tonight,

“Amelia, I saw the books in the hallway. It’s a mess…you need to go put your books on the bookshelf. Amelia. What did I say? What did I say about your books? Put ‘em on the bookshelf. C’mon, Mia, let’s go.” –and she calmly walks you hand in hand to the hallway and helps you pick up the books. (Okay, you will put away one book and stand idly by as she picks up the other fourteen) – just like you would with your actual mama! 🙂

Although ‘Difficult’ is the first word that comes to mind when I think about how my day with you will go, perfect, quiet, lovely, generous, helpful, and loving are the thoughts to follow. You have my heart beautiful lady.

You are in bed now and I desperately desire one of your bear hugs. I would sneak in and hold your hand all night if I knew my presence wouldn’t interrupt your sweet dreams.

It may not seem like it, but I really can’t get enough of you, sweet sweet Rae.

I love you SO much.

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