We have had a mild summer, until last week, when a huge heat wave blew in. I don’t like the girls getting out in 100 degree weather, unless we have to. Most of our yard is shaded, and I was tired of sitting indoors while the sun was shining – so  I decided to take the girls out for about half an hour to visit our woods. We don’t go back there often (ticks and such creep me out), but if I was braving the heat, why not brave the critters as well…right? I’m sure most of you think I’m nuts for braving either one of those things. 🙂


Dirt! Kids flock to it. This is our “spare dirt” for new potted plants we acquire.


Back in the woods, there is actual grass!! Tall grass! Most of our yard is rough grass, and having totally different grass is the southeast growing up, I can’t consider Missouri grass to be great. I miss soft grass you can roll on and walk barefoot on. The kind that stays cold. So glad I found some in our yard!!!! Hopefully when we finish clearing the woods out, it will still be here!


Investigating a Diet Dr. Pepper can. It was not put there by us, so I was just as curious as she was…

Also, random cement thing.  ?


We saw a deer, heard a wood pecker, and saw a large lizard dash past our feet. 🙂


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I LOVE OUR HOME! I am so grateful for it. It is such an amazing place to raise our girls.

-and grateful for the thunderstorm I hear rolling in!!!

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