My darling.

You are slowly shedding your baby bits and taking on the character of a lady. You spend more and more of your time devoted to quiet independent play, less time causing mayhem, and often pet your sister, give her hugs, and kiss her cheeks softly just because she is there and you love her.

Your sister is your world. Your soul mate. The church to your steeple. You sit like her, brush your teeth like her, hold your spoon like her, run when she runs, and miss her dearly when she is in the next room.

You laugh at your own gibberish, and we can’t help but laugh along. I hope you’re not actually laughing because you just threw away all of the child-proof cups. ( True story example, by the way…)

Your hair is getting long and full. As a result, it is typically a hot mess. Thanks for letting me take the time to tame it. You require a headband each morning after brushing your teeth, and sit perfectly still while I paint your nails. Patience looks good on you Miss Rae. Real real good.

You still request a security blanket when you sleep, and kisses after each application of chap stick. I’m so glad you look as forward to my kisses as I do yours.

Much older Rae, feel free to hunt me down right now and snuggle with me for at least  an hour. This goes for 15 year old Rae, 37 year old Rae, and all the in betweens – okay? I’ll always be up for snuggles with my lovely Rae. (…and then go find your daddy and give him your best bear hug. )

We love you gorgeous Rae.

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