Our spring break this year was a busy one! Both of my brothers travelled to St. Louis to spend the week with us. One from Oregon and the other from Alabama.


There was a lot of Moon Sand and Legos to keep the kids busy once we arrived at my mom’s house.


Plenty  of hugs were passed around all week long! No shortage of those in our family!


Solomon (who’s daddy is a drummer), found the instruments right away! It was our first time meeting him, and it was worth the wait! He is the sweetest, calmest, happiest little one year old!


Uncle Joe took my place as Samuel’s BFF. I’m trying not to be bitter about it, since I have plenty of time to get him back on the Aunt-‘Jake’-is the-BEST train before Joe visits again…


We topped off the week with a pre-birthday celebration for Solomon, since we can’t be with him for the actual day. Mae snuck some of his icing while he was getting acquainted with his first bite of sugar. 🙂



Day two with my brother started out with me sleeping in, Ben going for a 6 A.M. run and Zack making a huge breakfast for everyone! Rae snuggled with Uncle Ben for the entire meal, and naturally, ate all of his food. 🙂


After church, we drove up to the park for a bike ride. Afterward Ben, Mae and I drove to the store for bonfire supplies. Mae thoroughly enjoyed riding in Uncle Ben’s little blue car!

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We spent the whole evening outside ignoring the clock. I don’t think the girls made it to bed until at least 10:00.


They polished off the night watching Ben braid their Barbie’s hair. It’ll be hard on them when he leaves!



My brother, Ben, came to visit us (from Alabama) for a few days before we all head up to St. Louis to spend spring break with the rest of our family. I has been so nice having him here. The girls are completely smitten!


Since it was warm outside we took him up to our favorite park for supper.


Mae taught him how to throw rocks over the cliff. Her skills cannot be beat. He tried his best, though.


We packed the girls Nutella & banana sandwiches + Craisins, instead of what we were eating, since we knew they wouldn’t want to wait. They also had most of Uncle Ben’s baked beans later.


She likes to eat all food front first.


Best buds.

“Mama who?” is the vibe I get around these two.


Ben also helped Penelope use a sling shot. She had trouble keeping the rock in it, but ended up being very good.


Could she be any cuter?? Her favorite game was throwing rocks down the hill. They always went directly to the left of her. We learned to get out of the way pretty quickly.


Bean thief. Okay, ‘all of your food thief.’ She soon learned Ben was an easy target.


Rae counts. Mae hides. 🙂

Ben played a few rounds of hide and seek with the girls while we packed up the dishes and hammock. They really enjoyed being able to roam without having to hold an adults hand (because of our secluded spot.).

The guys also did some archery at our house, and we made milkshakes and played games until we finally folded and called it a night.



While the first day of spring was gloomy for us, the second was warm and full of sunshine!


We spent the whole day outside. The girls dug many many holes, and plucked many flowers. We played bat mitten, wore out the swings, played soccer, and tag!


Rosie certainly enjoyed the company! She had buried a fish head and thought this was the right day to dig it up. Definitely a day to celebrate! My younger brother also arrived that afternoon (More on that to come!).


DSC_0023 (2)j

Anyone who has lived in Missouri knows it is pretty much of the Bermuda Triangle of weather. One day it could be 75 and sunny, and in your mind you don’t bother ruling out a snow storm tomorrow. We have not had more snow, but we are definitely coin tossing seasons daily.


^  Seeing who can scream the loudest. I give them each 10 out of 10.   ^


We had a couple days of really nice weather. We wore shirts without coats, we played soccer, cleaned the yard, and enjoyed our swing set. We opened windows, only came inside to cook, just to bring our meals right back outside. We felt motivated and a special kind of f r e e.

DSC_0045 (2)jDSC_0064

Fast forward to Wednesday and today…40 degrees & rain. I feel very unmotivated. We started up the fire place again yesterday. I had hoped we wouldn’t have to until November. The girls have been watching movies and playing in their room and I have been preparing the house for company…sort of.

My younger brother will be here on Saturday!! I’m sure there will be plenty of posts about our spring break, but until then I better get back to cleaning.



We had a very nice weekend together. The four of us taking a weekend without plans head on. It hasn’t been our normal situation so far this year, and it is our last plan-free weekend for the next few weeks.


Gleefully and illegally removing pens from Mama’s desk.

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Zack and I are really into the newest Hawaii 5-0 series. We decided on Saturday to have a Hawaiian theme night, complete with fried Spam and fresh pineapple. Mae cooked the Spam and Pineapple in a skillet all by herself! 🙂


The. Best.


Teething Mama’s girl  /  I rarely get photos of the girls sleeping, as I am TERRIFIED of waking up a sleeping child. Terrified! On Saturday, I mustered the courage to capture this sweet moment. So glad I did. 🙂


We took the girls out for a drive…at nap time. Not the best idea we’ve ever had.


Sunday after church we decided to venture out again, just after naptime. It was much more successful. We travelled to a neighboring town and tried a new park.

Our favorite children’s book, is an old Winnie the Pooh chapter book. In it the characters play a game in which they drop sticks on one side of a bridge and see whose comes out first on the other side. We decided to give it a try with some random stuff we found on the ground. Rae won. 🙂

The temperature is s t r e t c h i n g  right up next to 80 degrees tomorrow! My kind of weather! I am SO excited to have a camera that works (if you couldn’t tell by the 19 photos I just shoved into one post!). It has been nice getting back to my old ways of over documenting my children and our daily lives!

Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend!



Warm air blew in, and with it rain. After two sunny days and several more in the forecast, we’re not disappointed to see rain. Warmth is what we truly desire right now anyway. I could do without the gloomy skies, but it is so nice that the girls can run around in the yard barefoot (and that they want to!).


Zack recently got a bow, and the girls cannot get enough of watching him practice. As you can see, Mae is more than happy to retrieve the arrows! *Cue The Hills are Alive.


The dogs leave deer legs around the yard. Not quite as nice and well put together as Black Beauty’s gifts, but I’m sure the thought behind it is just as sweet…or they’re bad at cleaning up after themselves…


Joey is not so sure about the camera. 🙂


Dirty baby feet. Happy baby feet.


We’ve been enjoying the process of breakfast. I’ve never been a fan of a cold bowl of cereal. There just isn’t anything to it. Slowly mixing a bowl of blueberry pancake mix from scratch is a much better way to start the day. Watching your four year old mix a fresh batch of blueberry pancakes is an even better way to start the day.




We’ve gone days without television, but the rain makes for the ideal movie situation. I always know it will be a toss up between Brave, Spirit, or Snow White. The outcome depends on who makes it to the DVD collection first. 🙂



Mother hen watching over her flock. She is officially a big girl. She talks all  the time, and knows the words for everything. She is officially potty trained (she wears night-time pull-ups, but they’re usually dry)! Finally!

Mae is teaching Rae different tasks, such as shredding cheese, hand washing dishes, her ABCs, sweeping, getting dressed independently, and how to make the perfect splash in the bathtub. I just stay out of the way and watch from the corner of the room (with a HUGE grin on my face). Now, if only I could remember to turn on the video camera…


It has been warm (in the 60s!) lately, which means more time outside and more belly rubs for Rosie. Its all she wants all day long.


We moved the chicks into the coop with the older hens. We had to divide the coop with wire, so the chicks didn’t get pecked. We’re desperately hoping the weather stays warm, so we can construct the large coop for the hens.


The girls have requested oatmeal every morning since October.

Blueberry and brown sugar.

Strawberries & cream (Daddy’s coffee creamer).

Honey, cinnamon banana.

Cinnamon peaches.

Cinnamon baked (steamed) apples.

Brown sugar & white raisins.

Maple syrup & peanut butter.

All with flax seed mixed in. They help me make it each morning (sometimes we have eggs, grits, or pancakes). They enjoy making their own food, and I try to let them help with all meals as much as possible. If I am in a bad mood, I have them color or play instead, so that cooking remains fun for them.

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures lately. Hopefully I can change that soon. 🙂