Mother hen watching over her flock. She is officially a big girl. She talks all  the time, and knows the words for everything. She is officially potty trained (she wears night-time pull-ups, but they’re usually dry)! Finally!

Mae is teaching Rae different tasks, such as shredding cheese, hand washing dishes, her ABCs, sweeping, getting dressed independently, and how to make the perfect splash in the bathtub. I just stay out of the way and watch from the corner of the room (with a HUGE grin on my face). Now, if only I could remember to turn on the video camera…


It has been warm (in the 60s!) lately, which means more time outside and more belly rubs for Rosie. Its all she wants all day long.


We moved the chicks into the coop with the older hens. We had to divide the coop with wire, so the chicks didn’t get pecked. We’re desperately hoping the weather stays warm, so we can construct the large coop for the hens.


The girls have requested oatmeal every morning since October.

Blueberry and brown sugar.

Strawberries & cream (Daddy’s coffee creamer).

Honey, cinnamon banana.

Cinnamon peaches.

Cinnamon baked (steamed) apples.

Brown sugar & white raisins.

Maple syrup & peanut butter.

All with flax seed mixed in. They help me make it each morning (sometimes we have eggs, grits, or pancakes). They enjoy making their own food, and I try to let them help with all meals as much as possible. If I am in a bad mood, I have them color or play instead, so that cooking remains fun for them.

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures lately. Hopefully I can change that soon. 🙂