Warm air blew in, and with it rain. After two sunny days and several more in the forecast, we’re not disappointed to see rain. Warmth is what we truly desire right now anyway. I could do without the gloomy skies, but it is so nice that the girls can run around in the yard barefoot (and that they want to!).


Zack recently got a bow, and the girls cannot get enough of watching him practice. As you can see, Mae is more than happy to retrieve the arrows! *Cue The Hills are Alive.


The dogs leave deer legs around the yard. Not quite as nice and well put together as Black Beauty’s gifts, but I’m sure the thought behind it is just as sweet…or they’re bad at cleaning up after themselves…


Joey is not so sure about the camera. 🙂


Dirty baby feet. Happy baby feet.


We’ve been enjoying the process of breakfast. I’ve never been a fan of a cold bowl of cereal. There just isn’t anything to it. Slowly mixing a bowl of blueberry pancake mix from scratch is a much better way to start the day. Watching your four year old mix a fresh batch of blueberry pancakes is an even better way to start the day.




We’ve gone days without television, but the rain makes for the ideal movie situation. I always know it will be a toss up between Brave, Spirit, or Snow White. The outcome depends on who makes it to the DVD collection first. 🙂