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Anyone who has lived in Missouri knows it is pretty much of the Bermuda Triangle of weather. One day it could be 75 and sunny, and in your mind you don’t bother ruling out a snow storm tomorrow. We have not had more snow, but we are definitely coin tossing seasons daily.


^  Seeing who can scream the loudest. I give them each 10 out of 10.   ^


We had a couple days of really nice weather. We wore shirts without coats, we played soccer, cleaned the yard, and enjoyed our swing set. We opened windows, only came inside to cook, just to bring our meals right back outside. We felt motivated and a special kind of f r e e.

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Fast forward to Wednesday and today…40 degrees & rain. I feel very unmotivated. We started up the fire place again yesterday. I had hoped we wouldn’t have to until November. The girls have been watching movies and playing in their room and I have been preparing the house for company…sort of.

My younger brother will be here on Saturday!! I’m sure there will be plenty of posts about our spring break, but until then I better get back to cleaning.